July 31st, 2007


Have You Seen The Yellow Sign?

I finally got a chance to try out the King in Yellow expansion for Arkham Horror. It was a moderately close game (10/13 doom tokens), but we managed to get all the gates down easily enough. We were playing with all the optional stuff, including the Herald and the Act deck, which nearly doomed us (the next Mythos card was going to bring in Act III and end the game, but that's a cheap way for the bad guys to win).

What fascinates me about Arkham Horror isn't the game play itself, which is pretty ordinary, but the Call of Cthulhu campaign it hints at. One character read a cryptic message in a graveyard, then managed to sacrifice his beloved dog to join the Silver Twilight Lodge. Another went monster hunting using his mastery of cryptozoology, while I ended up taking an elder sign off a man made of worms, found another one in another dimension, then sealed two gates and went insane...