July 10th, 2007


Thinking out loud: Why Games Are Not Yet Art

Reading this blog entry from James Wallis sparked an odd line of thought.
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Right. Half three, I've been rambling for more than an hour. To summarise:
  • A Portrait of the Artist is art.
  • A hypertext of that book is also art.
  • A hypothetical superset of all possible narratives of which A Portrait of the Artist is but one path is also, probably, art.
  • A Portrait of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain is somewhat less likely to be art.
  • That's because it's a game, and for a game, you need a goal, and you need to make informed choices to get to that goal.
  • Goals are weird. Most art doesn't present the reader with a goal. Games do.
  • We're not good at presenting the information needed to make informed choices to the player.
  • We're not good at handling choices in a work of art, either.
  • It's very late, and this is not helping write Hawkmoon adventures.

More on informed choices and goals later.

Heist gaming

I had a vague idea about Ocean's-11 style gaming, where the players have to pull off an elaborate robbery or con job with lots of twists. What's out there already in this field?