June 8th, 2007


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I died on Outpost Mytholder

I was killed in a cramped laboratory by Princeofcairo the space pirate, whilst carrying...

Tir Tinuviel's commbadge, a THEBIT forcefield generator, an Ezrael model hazmat suit, a MIKEGENTRY-20 plasma rifle, a LITTLE forcefield generator, a Thekannonian artefact, a Twistedtorment model hazmat suit, Unsworn Nomore's commbadge, Puritybrown's commbadge, a Coffeelifeformian deathblade, a MUSKRAT-JOHN-10 plasma rifle, a Marrogian artefact, an Omentideian raygun, an FLUFFWORLD-60 phaser, a Kit-Hartford screwdriver, Arken Thell's commbadge, a MISTER-9600 supercomputer, the Log of the USS Lumpley, Thecaptainsblog's commbadge, a Mulkabuian raygun, an ADDERS-30 plasma rifle, a Serpentstarian raygun and 618 galacticredits.

Score: 584

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