May 29th, 2007


(no subject)

Bah. I was reading a few pages of Moorcock's War Among The Angels last night, and I came across the word Rakehell, and this whole phantasmagorical setting jumped into my mind. Characters who sold their souls to the darkness, and are now trying to steal them back. Highwaymen on the road to hell, flintlocks spitting green flames, Springheeled Jack meets V for Vendetta... run it all using Spirit of the Century or something.

While it's a lovely idea,
1) It can get in line behind several other ideas
2) I don't know if the world needs another quasi-Victorian game
3) I'm working on Glorantha at the moment, my head's clogged enough
4) I'd have preferred to sleep, instead of coming up with campaign ideas and rules tweaks. Agh.