April 8th, 2007


Awake, against all the laws of god and man

0100: Go to bed. Set alarm for 0615. Taxi booked for 0700.
0130: Begin worrying that 0700 taxi is too late if I'm getting 0810 flight.
0230: Still not asleep
0300: Yay! Sleep
0400: Phone rings. Accidentally hang up instead of answer it.
0410: In trying to get to voicemail, discover I've never actually set up voicemail properly. End up recording greeting message while both half-asleep and trying to quiet as possible.
0420: Get to message. It's from the taxi, complaining that I wasn't there.
0421: Ring taxi, pointing out politely that booking was not for four AM. Argue with taxi driver. He eventually agrees to pick me up again. Asks me what time. 0615 says I.
0425: Realise that I've just rebooked the taxi for the time I was planning on WAKING UP, not the original taxi time. Curses. Consider rebooking taxi. Realise that I'm still not coherent enough to explain to taxi controller. Reset alarm, roll over. Sleep will come soon, right?