March 31st, 2007


Vague mechanics idea

I'm fiddling with a mechanics idea for a city-based fantasy game. Tell me if this sound workable or pants:

Your stats correspond to sections of the city. A character might have, say, Lower City/Slums 4, Middle City 2, Noble Quarter 0, Godsquarter 2. He'd therefore roll 4 dice (or get a +4 bonus, whatever the dice mechanic is) when doing anything associated with the poor, dangerous parts of the city, so four dice for sneaking, four dice for stealing, four dice for brawling and knife-fighting. He'd have two dice for crafting stuff, bargaining in the market (Middle City stuff), etc, and no dice at all for diplomacy, heraldry, duelling with rapiers, political knowledge and so forth (Noble Quarter and so on).

Add in a few specialisations (so a trained soldier might have Swords 4 or something), and rules to ensure that loading all your dice into one section of the city isn't game-breaking, and that's basically it. I like it for its simplicity, and how it ties characters into the setting instantly. However, it might be too bland. Comments?