December 5th, 2006



... was fun, and useful, and alarmingly expensive. I was so good at Gaelcon, but wandered out of Dragonmeet with several new books (including The Esoterrorists), charity auction stuff (including Guild Wars: Something Arabian Looking), and enough Mongoose 'reference' swag to, well, break the strap and lining of one of my bags as I drag said loot to the airport.

I barely gamed at all, save for an Esoterrorists demo and a curtailed Dead of Night zombie-fest, but did get to catch up with a few million people, from the usual London suspects to the Edinburgh mob to the Mongoose overlords to the old GamingOutpost crew like Gobion Rowlands and the Scarlet Jester. It's a very useful con for networking for me.

Books read over the weekend: Three Days To Never (which reminded me of The Prestige rather a lot, but was better than I expected), The Jennifer Morgue (not quite as totallymegawesome as The Atrocity Archive, but still good fun, and some nice bits about dealing with Deep Ones</i>, and Havoc in Its Third Year, which I found in my room and I have no recollection of ever acquiring (I didn't buy it, 'cos it's an uncorrected proof copy. Odd.)

Books purchased: Esoterrorists, Jennifer Morgue, Mortal Coil, Burning Empires
Swag: Pretty much the entire Glorantha, Conan and Runequest core line. Mwhahaha.

Oh, Mongoose have new business models, one of which could be totally awesome if it works.