November 3rd, 2006



I'm metaphorically knee-deep in the final stages of the Hawkmoon manuscript. I'm actually chest-deep, but that's 'cos I'm sitting down and the desk in front of me is covered in rulebooks, novels, monographs, notes and, er, computer. It's nearly done, although I'm straight into the first supplement (Granbretan) immediately afterwards.

Anyway - Gaelcon. It was fun, for the most part. I made the mistake of staying in a hostel. They work perfectly well for most trips, but cons are very time-demanding, and getting sleep should have been my priority. (I'm a averagely deep sleeper when I actually get to sleep, but getting there takes me hours at the best of times, and I'm really sensitive to noise and other distractions when trying to doze off). As it was, I generally didn't get to sleep before 5am any night, and I was up again at 9 every day of the con (and that's skipping over the 'drunken guy in the bunk below yelling 'how'reyasexy!' in his sleep before rising and taking a long and protracted piss in the wastebasket. Lovely. Hotel or friend's house next year.)

I was theoretically supposed to be demoing stuff for Mongoose, but Mongoose demo people never showed up at the con. I meant to timetable the Paranoia demo I brought, but I got roped into running games for the con. I GMed WHFRP, 'thulhu and In Nomine at various points, all of which went moderately well. Standout moment - the In Nomine scenario revolved around an attempt to engineer a new Messiah by finding a living descendant of Christ, and brainwashing him into thinking he was the Second Coming. The angel PCs solved the problem by having one of them appear to the poor brainwashed Palestinian farmer in a vision - glowing halo, flaming sword, the full revelation regalia, and shouting 'YOUR PURPOSE IN GOD'S SCHEME IS TO BE A COMPLETE NON-ENTITY! YOU'RE NOT THE MESSIAH! YOU'LL NEVER BE ANYTHING! IGNORE ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU OTHERWISE - YOUR DESTINY IS TO FARM GOATS'. It was referred to as the 'Is It I, Lord?/Nope!' scene.

My own Norse larp was rather chaotic, and I'm not super-happy with how it went. It needed more structure, and a more definite end-point... or any end-point for that matter. Some subplots unfolded nicely, others...didn't. It was nice to stretch my larp-writing skills again, though; it's been ages since I wrote one.

This Gaelcon had panels for the first time in ages; I was on the 'State of Irish Gaming' one, and in the audience for the 'Promoting Gaming' one. My conclusions are that the 'state' is 'a bit fragmented', and the promotion bit will be best served by more gaming clubs. I'm going to try to replicate the ORC success in Cork, as soon as I can find a spare minute.

I didn't bid in the charity auction, because I'm still paying off the Australia venture. Others weren't under the same restrictions, and the con raised 27,000 euro for charity.

Oh, and despite my_name_is_fiki's scurrillous rumours, I did not lose the Diana Jones Award. Ever. At All.

And there was pubbage and dancing in Fibbers and lots of meals in the hotel and warcraft guild meetings and falling asleep on natural20's floor and many other things, but I was totally sleep-depped and can't remember much of it. It was great to spend a con running games again, though. GMing makes me happy.

My purchases were also pretty light - just a few pretty dice and the second Order of the Stick compilation, which rocks muchly.

Right. To bed, perchance to finish the first draft of this book tomorrow so I can spend the weekend polishing and revising.

Oh, and my laptop charger is dead. I hope. If not, then the connector at the back of the laptop is dead. Computers hate me.

Edit: While every con writeup demands a quibillionillionillion shoutouts and thank-yous, I'll limit it to Guy and Graham the rpg people (I've done that job and know what hell it is) and time_for_tea, who not only provided a bed in a much nicer hostel room on the Monday night, but also pointed out the zip on my bag had fallen open and I'd just dropped the Kill Bargle t-shirt I bought at the last auction behind me on the ground.