September 14th, 2006


For want of a nail...

At some point during the night, my PDA's battery died so completely that it wouldn't switch on. Easy solution - recharge it. Only when I do, I find out that it's reset to the factory defaults, and wiped everything I'd added to its onboard memory. Most of that stuff I can live without, but it's managed to wipe two rather important programs - the current version of Documents to Go, and the driver for the Bluetooth keyboard.

Which means that I can't access any of the files on the memory card (as they were written with the current version of Docs to Go, as opposed to the ancient one that the PDA has by default), and I can't use the keyboard with it.

This is ungood.

Now, I can just download and reinstall both programs... if I'd bothered to bring the PDA's hotsync cable, which I didn't. A new hotsync cable would probably only cost a few quid, if I could _find_ one. I've spent the day trawling through Brisbane electronics stores, to no avail.

If I can't find a new cable, then I'll need to get an alternate writing platform, which translates as 'buy a cheap laptop or something', which I really can't afford right now.

Oh, and a pigeon flew into my head earlier, which sort of sums up my current feelings about life, the universe, and everything.

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Current tech crisis update: new cable ordered. Estimated arrival: Tuesday, whereupon I will try to convince some webcafe to let me install lots of software on their machines which I'll then hotsync to the palm.

Sometimes, it feels like my life is a series of computers exploding. I swear, it's like being a cyborg with bad knees or something.