August 24th, 2006


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As soon as sleeping bags are rolled up, backpacks packed on backs and - most importantly - the quite absurd array of personal electronics I'm carrying have all been charged, it's off to the car rental place and a drive north in search of the sun.

Wellington, where we've stayed for the last few days, is absolutely great. Throw a frisbee (as they do here), and it bounces off two used bookshops and someone writing a film script before coming to rest in a coffee shop - and the guy in the coffee shop has taken this sudden frisbination as a clear sign that he should start making you a cup of chai tea. Bliss.

Yesterday, we headed up the coast in the company of mr_orgue talking games, eating fish, and visiting bizarre small towns that appear to have floated out of the parallel world where they made New Zealand Gothic. There was also a wonderful dinner and playing of many card games.

The rest of this trip can't be that good, can it?