August 20th, 2006


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blearyboy points me at the fighting writers song, which is funny.

Anyway, I'm in Sydney. Woot. It's _very_ far away. Using the wholly scientific method of 'stuff I did on the plane', it is the combined length of King Kong, Aeon Flux, Thank You For Smoking, V for Vendetta, plus a lot of Scrubs, plus the last quarter of that Hawkmoon omnibus edition, plus a PDA battery (which translates to most of an IPX equipment chapter), plus some remarkably good plane food (Virgin Atlantic are actually really good to fly with), plus very little sleep. If I add in queueing and the wonderfully pointless stop in Hong Kong (exit plane; walk down stairs; go on little train; go through perfunctory security scan; walk down corridor; go onto little train; walk up stairs; enter same plane again), then that accounts for most of the last two days.

The Little I've Seen Of Sydney reminds me rather a lot of the nicer parts of the city from City of Heroes. There's a harbour and skyscrapers and a monorail and everything! I really must avoid trying to fly. Or trying to stop muggers using Sniper Blast.

My luggage is here, including the bag I checked in at Cork, the bag I checked in at Heathrow because PDA chargers are Terrorists, and the bag I left in Gloria Jeans wot had all the stuff for fluffworld in it.

So, all good so far.