August 7th, 2006


thermal tolerance exceeded

I am neither en route to GenCon, nor am I at the Edinburgh festival. I'm regretting both these things right now, and the reward of the Australia/New Zealand trip seems distant at a, ten days or so. Yoinks, as Shakespeare could have said if he'd watched Scooby Doo (and there are several periods in his life that we know little about, so there (Shakespeare's life, not Scooby Doo's...actually, either works.))

IPX is proving fun ever since I had the Eilerson idea.

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Things I have learned not to do today:
* Stay Up Until 4am Looking At Music Videos On Youtube
* Sit For Two Hours In The Sun Typing On The Palmtop
* Listen To Poe/Conjure One's Centre of the Sun on repeat for most of the above two activities
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