July 24th, 2006


New Cosmic Law Found

If a new computer becomes available to me, an older one will break within twenty-four hours.

The charger on Cortana (my monstrous Qosmio Toshiba laptop) exploded last night, and I've spent the morning installing stuff onto my recently refurbished desktop. Fortunately, there was just enough battery power left in the tosh for me to copy over the most recent versions of my work files to my iPod, and from there to my desktop, so nothing's been lost other than most of a working day, and hey, I waste that regularly on other stuff.

Also, Books I Recently Read, Reviewed In The Style of Windows Error Messages:
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Leona, Umberto Eco
Plot Not Found! Please Specify The Location Where The Plot Is Located, Because It Certainly Isn't Anywhere After About Page 100.

The Iron Dragon's Daughter, Michael Swanwick
Author Got Bored Writing This Chapter; Click Here To Skip Onto The Next Bit, Regardless Of Whether Or Not It Makes Sense.