July 20th, 2006


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Just as a reminder - James Wallis is going on a sponsored walksponsored ten day, 146 mile pilgrimage across the wilds of England facing wolves and hardship and rivers and Morris Dancers in aid of Cancerbackup. Without a map.

I finally got around to sponsoring him, therefore I have the moral high ground.

On this moral high ground, I shall build a FORTRESS OF EVIL and rain down NUCLEAR HELLFIRE upon you all! Mwhahahahaha!!!

The only way my REIGN OF TERROR can be stopped is by fleeing to evil higher moral high ground! Sponsoring Wallis is your only hope of survival! I shall destroy all on a lower moral ground! Doom and destruction! DOOOOOOOOM and DESTRUCTIIIIIIOOONNNNNN!!!!eleventy!!!

Edited as it was pointed out that sponsored walk sounds like he's 'spending a pleasant Saturday morning toddling six miles across a park.'

Really Deep Thoughts

'Wow. That star is really far away. Millions and millions of miles away. If I were to suddenly float off this balcony and fly towards that star at a hundred miles an hour for the rest of my life, it probably wouldn't get any bigger. Everything ever done by humanity, all known thought in the universe ever, it's all contained in a tiny fraction of the distance to that star. Wow. It's staggering to even contemplate the absolutely terrifying gulf of near-infinite space between me and that st--

Oh it is an aeroplane.'