July 12th, 2006


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Is spending $20 to download a .pdf of a book you wrote just so you can give a prompt answer to an errata question going above and beyond the call of duty?

Irony, Books, Rumours

3am last night: Read Mongoose forums, see a thread entitled 'HUGE PLOT HOLE IN RAGGED EDGE'. Decide that an answer must be given immediately, because a) you're very fond of Ragged Edge, b) that thread sounds bad and c) you're a bit tired. Buy Ragged Edge off drivethru and answer question (yes, it's a plot hole; no, it's not huge, sorry, here's a fix, my bad).

10am this morning: A giant parcel of comp books shows up.

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The lesson here is that customer service really can wait a bit.

* * *

I also completely and extravagently deny that this has anything to do with me. Or anyone else I know.