July 3rd, 2006


Bring Me The Head Of Just About Anyone

The Gaelcon timetable is up, and they're running a larp I submitted.

The Head of Mimir
When Odin returned from one of his journeys to Jotunheim, he brought back the severed head of Mimir, former keeper of the Well of Wisdom. Mimir had the gift of prophecy, and it is said that one day, he shall speak a wyrd that will bring doom to the gods.

That day, say the omens, is today. The gods of Asgard have gathered in the great hall of Odin Allfather to hear the words of Mimir, to settle old scores, to make new alliances, and to prepare for the coming doom - whatever it is. For there are many dooms hanging over the gods of Asgard, some considerably more dire than others...

Why, yes, I have been reading Norse mythology while in Norway.

Anyway, the larp's not written yet, but I suspect I shall need at least two props - obviously, I'll need a severed head for Mimir. I'll also need an eyepatch for Odin. Any idea where I could get such things?