June 20th, 2006


(no subject)

Q. Like what animal did Conan twist?
A. A panther.
Q. What animal, though, did his enemies most resemble?
A. Dogs.
Q. Not just any dog, though. Of what sort were they?
A. Craven.
Q. What did he do with their skulls?
A. He clove them.
Q. And before doing so, did his eyes water or twitch.
A. No, they smouldered.
Q. Turning to the girl, now, what was she wearing?
A. Sandals?
Q. And what else?
A. A wisp of silk, twisted around her hips.
Q. And?
A. Naught but.
Q. That sounds a bit chilly. What happens to the girl after the story?
A. Neither Howard nor history is forthcoming on the matter.
Q. Probably died of hypothemia, poor thing.