June 17th, 2006


(no subject)

Hee. I got bored of my iTunes selection, so decided to switch on xfm. I click on the streaming radio button, and a little box pops up. 'We're sorry, but due to licensing changes, we can only offer this service to listeners inside the UK. Please enter a valid postcode to continue.'

Bugger, thinks I, I don't know any postcodes offhand. Then I read further. There's a little small print bit at the end of the pop-up box.
This service offered by some company, blah blah, legal stuff...London. Oh, and here's our postcode. Just in case you might want to, I don't know, cut-and-paste it. We're not saying you SHOULD, 'cos we're only offering this service to genuine UK listeners. Who have a postcode. Now where could you get one of those?.'