June 11th, 2006


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Metaphorically from the 'Oh God, Now I Feel Old' department, actually from a discussion of the new Transformers movie on rpg.net:
And who cares if Megatron isn't a gun? Until this Nerf version this fall, Megatron toys haven't transformed into a realistic gun FOR TWENTY FRIGGIN YEARS.


My word, it is quite warm.

I do hope coffee_lifeform's concert goes well.

Last night's Doctor Who was good.

I would quite like a cold drink. Did I mention it's quite warm?

Edit: Go downstairs 4.20 and observe that all the washing machines in the basement are free for use. Decide to do washing. Go to shop first. Return from shop at 4.35. Collect washing and go downstairs again. All washing machines are now full. Be unjustifiably annoyed by this. Accost random strangers and accume them of complicity. Scrawl paranoid messages into the peeling paint. Begin to suspect the lint filter of conspiracy and malice. Realise you really do need a cold drink, and return upstairs, still cursing godless universe, or godless washing machines anyway. Ramble on lj. Remember to close italics brackets.