June 7th, 2006


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In this entry, robin_d_laws talks about a phenomenon which should be familiar to the vast majority of the people reading this:
The growth of geographically dispersed, affinity-based communities creates a new category of interrelationship, which seems more significant than mere acquaintanceship but lacks the history of time spent together we associate with traditional friendship. I imagine somebody’s already put a name to this phenomenon. You can hang with folks at a con and, due to assumed shared interests and worldview, skip the preliminaries and coalesce into an instant posse with the same dynamic as a long-standing group of pals. Or you may get the chance to drop into a pre-existing gang of friends like a special guest star appearing for one episode of their ongoing TV series. Time and energy may prevent you from staying in touch but if you bump into each other at the next event you pick up where you left off.