June 4th, 2006



Some times, you don't mind giving up a day to WoW. Since finishing work on friday, I've
*: Gone on my first Molten Core run (full clear to Ragnaros, no wipes, and I only died three times despite having only about 100FR)
*: Numerous instances, earning more than a hundred gold
*: Kitted out my priest alt with vastly better gear than she had, making her a worthwhile healer finally
*: Done various quest chains with her, including all the way up to the 'Kill Rend' quest.
*: Built a [Dimensional Ripper - Everlook].
and most importantly
*: Told everyone on my friends list and guilds to shout at me if they see me log on tomorrow or monday.

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The best time to have an Excellent Idea is around half two or three in the afternoon. That way, you've still got enough time to develop the idea in the afternoon, making sure it works and therefore turning it from an Excellent Idea into a Demonstrably Excellent Idea, but not so much time that you exhaust the initial creative spurt birthed by the idea, and so you can coast on the Idea's merits all the way through the following day too.

And this is a Doubly Excellent Idea, for it is about Zombies.
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The main advantage of accidentally booking a 750euro business class ticket with KLM is that, as a business class customer, and upon converting 5500NOK into Euro, you can go 'ah! Fuck! Refund! Refund! and they actually do it.