May 29th, 2006



While my grand 'put photos up every week' plan has fallen by the wayside (like the 'write more fiction' plan, and the 'get a life' plan, and the 'conquer the world' plan), I've just fired a few photos from the weekend up on my photobucket site. I spent part of the day down at the Fram Museum, the Fram being a ship used in several Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. It was great - you get to wander around the ship (they had a piano! and tiny tiny beds!) and hit your head many times on low ceilings, bulkheads, stairwells, and passing Norwegian tourists.

My Warpcon Cthulhu scenario is totally going to be six people trapped on an icelocked ship.

After that, I sat and read more of Quicksilver. I've a nascent rant about Stephenson's writing slowly accumulating in the back of my head, about how I can't tell his throwaway details from his important plot points, but it might be just me.