May 26th, 2006


Conan: The MMORPG

Disclaimer: Everything in here is made up. I'm just doing the dialogue for the game - other, smarter people are doing the dungeons and the spells and stuff, of which I know nothing. The material below is drawn from my sleepless nightmares, not from proprietary funcom information that would get me fired and have attack lawyers burn my toes.

Working on a computer game is weird. On the one hand, I'm working on stuff that's going to reach an awful lot more people than most tabletop rpg books ever will. On the other hand, having played WoW for a year, I know some of the people it's going to reach, and...well...

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I was about to launch into a short rant about the confusing nature of the Oslo cinema system ('they're only showing one movie in each place, and there are loads of different cinemas, and I've no idea where X3 is actually on'), then I realised it's exactly the same system we used to have back in Cork, before everything got swallowed up into giant multiplexes.