May 1st, 2006


Since people were asking what I've been up...

...well, the answer's not a lot, other than work.

Thursday, I did make it to the launch party for Dreamfall, the other game under development at FunCom. The party was fairly quiet, but getting there was fun. I got lost four times, which was a great way to learn more of the city.

Saturday, I meant to go out, but was called in to do some urgent stuff for E3

Sunday, I did managed to make it to the Vikign Museum and the Folk Museum. The Viking museum was awesome, although the dim light meant that most of the photos came out dark or blurry. The Folk Museum was mostly peasant costumes from the 19th century, which did not exactly thrill my soul, but there were some great photos of landscapes - I really must make it up the fjords at some point - and some nice reconstructions of historic buildings. It might be worth a return visit, but I'll need to watch my money. Everything here seems horribly expensive, from the bus (4 euro for a 15 minute journey) to museum entry (about 10 quid) to the brownies in the cafe (something staggering). Admittedly, it would probably help if I didn't grab cool books on Viking mythology at random...