April 11th, 2006


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Ok, why does Joy Division's Atmosphere always make me want to run a Cthulhu game? And not just any Cthulhu game, but a Cthulhu game for players in UCC, back in 1998 or so? I mean, songs reminding you of the past is one thing, but that's absurdly specific.


I've started - v e r y s l o w l y - working on a new rpg. This is actually a big step for me, as the vast majority of my writing thus far has been playing in other people's sandboxes. Original material is unfamiliar ground, to be honest. That said - YPPIDE is hardly groundbreakingly original, in that it's a parody.

The basic concept can be blamed entirely on my_name_is_fiki and his talent for breaking plots, which gave me the idea of a game where the PLAYERS come up with the elaborate plot and the GM gets to break it. All the PCs are undercover invading aliens (think Invader Zim or Third Rock from the Sun); each week, they get to come up with an absurd, Pinky-and-the-Brain-esque plot. The bigger the plot, the more adversaries (Meddling Kids, Dour FBI Agents, Men In Black, Superheroes, Time Lords etc) the GM gets to throw at them. There's a strict budget of scenes in the game, so it all winds inexorably towards disaster.

YPPIDE stands for "Your Puny Planet Is Doomed, Earthling", by the way.

I've ganked the 'Power 19' questions from the Forge in the hopes of getting some thoughts in order.

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