April 4th, 2006


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I'm trying to get work done in the evenings while I'm here. I've a stack of projects that I'd like - hell, must - move on while I'm here. So far, all I've got is six pages of mediocre text, while is less than optimum. So, let's do my usual if-I-say-it-here, I might actually stick to it.

2 pages per day on YPPIDE for the whole of April
2 pages per day on other projects
Read one book per week

The trick, obviously, is less WoW, back down to one evening per week or so. It's great to be able to pop onto Argent Dawn and see friends in exactly the saem way I do back home, but it'd be much too easier to get play every night and accomplish nothing with this odd break from normality.

...the more things stay the same

After bemoaning my lack of writing last night, I fell back on my usual solution for tonight - grab the laptop and find a coffee shop. Also, it hit me that I've been here a week and done nothing except a single trip into the city centre for a few hours (getting back into a strict 9-5 routine is really confusing me), and I really wanted to feel like I'd done something other than come up and sit in an empty apartment. So, I marched out along Frognervien in search of a coffee shop. The one at the corner was closed, and the other two I found become busy restaurants in the evenings. No good for a spot of quiet typing.

I was tempted to just go home, but I wanted to go somewhere new. I wandered for a while, finding plenty of expensive restaurents, but no coffee shops or anything similar. Franchises become immensely conforting in strange cities; I'd have welcomed the ugliest, most out-of-place Starbucks at that point. I was told that the apartment is on the edge of the expensive district and the studenty area, and I suspect I went exactly the wrong way in my quest for the Oslo equivalent of Tribes.

Eventually, I found a deserted wine & tapas bar that also served coffee. Hardly ideal, but adequate.(I glanced at the wine prices, and dearholygod am I glad I don't drink.) I sat there and typed for an hour, and got a good bit of work done. As I was leaving, I happened to notice the name of the bar.