March 28th, 2006


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I’m sitting here in Edinburgh airport, glaring at the screen telling me that my flight to Amsterdam has been delayed by an hour, meaning I’m getting in there exactly ten minutes after my connecting flight to Oslo. I’ve texted Fiki to log into my MSN account so he can PM Bryan in Norway to tell him that I’ll be late arriving in Oslo from Amsterdam, which is a wonderfully cyberpunky thing to do, and would be even better if I could get a wireless connection in here.

And I can. Rock. I can even check the KLM site for alternate flights, and there are two later ones to Norway, although I'll probably be sitting around for at least four hours in Schipol. Ah, the life of the international jet setter.

Let's see if I can knock out a conpulsion con report before my flight's called. I flew over on Thursday to chez coffee_lifeform and rpgactionfigure. Friday was coffee_lifeform's birthday; photos have been provided and amusing anecdotes posted elsewhere.

Saturday, I slept out (staying in the same room as the party means that you're hardcore partying by default), and missed the morning slot. I then managed to miss both the afternoon slot and the live dungeon larp through sheer obviliousness.

(Gate's opening, time to start logging off. This is like a bad Lovecraft pastiche. The gate's opening! Being dragged away...!)

Had a quick game of Transammerica with the Irish contingent, then a game of Dead of Night when snesgirl. Bar. Food. Pub quiz. Mockery of Malcolm. More mockery of Malcolm. Buying of warm hat of doom. Terrible nightclub up until the very last song, which was Birdhouse in your Soul. Bounced.

Sunday. Slept out again, missing the Exalted game. (I've been told that both the GMs of the games I missed on Sat morning and Sunday afternoon were alarmed by the thought of running a game for a Notable Industry Figure. This amuses me.) Sunday afternoon, I was briefly dragged into the FATAL game (the horror), but was rescued by mirax_girl and the clarion call of free lunch in Monster Mash. I ran back in time for the afternoon game, Phil's Dark Future thingy, which was run and gave me a fun new verb.

Then, for some reason, I agreed to go up a mountain. That was odd.

Ok. Gate's opening. The maw of Europe awaits.

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I can't get a reliable wireless or network connection here, so this'll be brief.

I'm in Norway. It's cold and snowy. The apartment is rather nice in an old-fashioned way, and the bathroom has a heated floor.

I'm alive, in Norway, quite tired, and I have work in the morning. More when I get my connection sorted.