February 22nd, 2006


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Anyone got a spare laptop I can borrow for Leprecon weekend? Will be at the con, but I don't want to lose a whole weekend of work. Bonus points for Cork people, as then I can use it on the train there and back.

Some days, I love my job

*phone rings*
Rob (my flatmate): Hello.
Me: Hey, Rob, can you do me a favour?
Rob: *sigh*. What?
Me: If you look around the living room, there should be a stack of Babylon 5 books next to, er, the stack of other books.
Rob: Yeah, I see it. What do you need?
Me: The Minbari federation fact book.
Rob: Got it.
Me: There should be a chapter called 'Worlds of the Minbari Federation.'
Rob: Yeah...
Me: Is there a bit about a world called Eudu, in the Protectorate?
Rob: *starts reading entry, in an automated-answering-line-tone*
Me: I don't care
Rob: *continues reading entry*
Me: If the writeup exists, then it's ok
Rob: *finishes entry*
Me: Wait, that's it.
Rob: Yeah, it's like three lines long.
Me: Oh, cool. Then I can doom the planet to being a fortress of the evil Drakh.
Rob: *sigh*