February 6th, 2006



Ok. The morning after Warpcon, most of the Scottish and half the Israeli Warpcon contingents showed up at my door. I was still asleep, because I'd forgotten to set my alarm. So, somewhere in the fatigue and the early-morningness, and the presence of time_for_tea's Nazgul combined with the Heroclix left around the flat by Aidan and Rob...

Superman takes on the Witch King!
Up and at them!
What's this...?
Some eldritch horror has joined the battle!
Oh, it's just boxninja.
Optimus Prime comes in to save the day.
By, er, punching the Witch King in the crotch. Well, the prophecy says that no man may slay him, not that no heroic robot can punch him in the crotch. Damn tricky things, prophecies.
Look! Cork can be just as cold as Scotland!