February 2nd, 2006



I seem to have decided to go to Leprecon. That makes my next few weeks look something like this:
* microgirl's Birthday
* Off to Conneticut for ten days
* Leprecon
* Nothing yet
* Itzacon
* Nothing yet
* Conpulsion
* Norway for a month
* If I can manage it, Spain for blearyboy and lilanne
* Still in Norway
* Still in Norway
* Back to Ireland

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Until they come up with a time machine, the closest approximation will probably remain reading the old blog of someone you know writing about events you were aware of. It's disconcerting to see all the interconnections and missed connections that make up our lives from another perspective.

Occasionally, I'm tempted to comment on those old entries, but that would probably screw up the timeline and we'd all be ruled by alien dogs from Sirius or something.