January 22nd, 2006


There Ain't No Chinese Word For This Situation and other titles

Serenity's finished, so all my Warpcon scenarios done, and I'm fairly happy with all of them. I may write the Paranoia and Conan games up for S&P later in the year.

God Emperor of Dune may be my favourite book title, ever.

I was also one of the lucky 1,000ish people to order Attack of the Bacon Robots! of ThinkGeek. Yay me.

And while I can resist all the hype about the Artic Monkeys, from lainey316 tagging them sometime last near as the band that's going to be huge, to every news site telling me they are in fact now being huge, the moment I discover one of their tracks is called "Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick", I buy EP on iTunes.

Sleep now. Tomorrow, the expensive mockery begins.

Edit1: This is quite funny.
Edit2: Er, what the hell's up with blearyboy's account?
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