November 19th, 2004



I am a genius.

Get Halo2. Get cable off Fiki. Set up xbox live using the free two-month subscription card. Then, and this is the key part, enter my gamertag as 'mylholder' instead of 'mytholder'. Play for a while, then decide to fix gamertag.

In my thrashing around on the xbox live subscription menus, I manage to kill the 'mylholder' account, but I then can't create a replacement account because the bloody free account subscription card is already used. Profanity.

I could keep using 'mylholder', but it hurts to look at it. Stupid xbox font. Stupid Gar.

Ah well, I wanted to pick up a headset anyway. I now get to buy a headset and an account setup box for merely twice the price.

I'd say 'somebody shoot me', but I've rather buggered the ability of anyone to shoot me up, haven't I?