November 9th, 2004


Belated Gaelcon blogging

For the last two Gaelcons, I've been on the committee. This year, I got to go back to where I do best - running games. I was more than happy to hand over the fiery baton of death pain (aka rpg co-ordinator) to aislinns, who did a kickass job.

Cheers also to rustynails9 for accommodation. And to Morgan for giving up his bed.

The con was fun. I restrained myself in the Charity Auction, ate good food, saw lots of friends and ran some good games, which were:

Saturday: Godlike in the morning. Despite having (I think) the first copy of Godlike evar, I've never run it. The game still went fairly well, and I got to act like a deranged English officer. Deranged English officers became a theme.

In the afternoon, I ran Cyberpunk, which was fun and extremely non-violent. Everything was done by phone calls, and the players were so on top of things that there was never any real threat.

Missed the pub quiz due to food. Oh well.

Sunday: In the morning I ran Sorcerer, which was a great piratical scenario. The ending was a bit iffy, as none of the players could agree on how to end it, but the intervening three hours rocked.

In the afternoon was my own Cthulhu scenario, with more deranged English officers - including one of the players. They worked out that they were all going to die, and rather sensibly legged it back to India. The game lasted about three hours, during which time John Kennon's table made it to scene 2.

I missed half the charity auction, again due to food. The James Wallis jacket (tm) is having too much of an effect on me. The auction raised stupid money, and I bought a second copy of Godwalker, some D&D poster and a giant battlemat. Go me.

Some seven hours after the start, John Kennon's Cthulhu table finished. This is far short of his record for a con game (was it a three-hour Greyhawk scenario lasting twelve hours?)

Monday: Er. Morning was OGL Horror. I knew the rules, I swear. Marred by a muppet player, but good overall.

In the afternoon, I was shifted between In Nomine and Damien's bizarre Cthulhu game, and ended up running the latter. Which was weird. I enjoyed it, I don't know if the players did.

Photos in the cut.
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