October 29th, 2004


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Quick updates:
- am still sick with post-Gaelcon flu, but am well enough to travel.
- therefore, I am going to Morocco.
- Gaelcon photos, not to mention Morocco photos, will be uploaded later.
- when I find my camera cable.
- I have *a* camera cable, one which looks utterly utterly identical to my old camera cable, but is a tiny fraction of a centimeter too big for my camera.
- This is freaking me out in a very House of Leaves way.

Edit: Having visited the camera shop where I _bought_ the freaking camera, the guy behind the counter was unable to supply me with a replacement cable. He tried all the connectors on the universal USB cable gadget they had, and none fitted. This gets progressively weirder.

I did grab a cheap card reader so I can offload stuff, though.