October 21st, 2004


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Am in Dublin.

My phone is not. Apparently, it's in Cobh, with the nice woman who picked it up off the floor of the train station*. It should be reunited with me tomorrow if all goes well, but for the moment I'm largely incommunicado. How early-90s.

I should be meeting rpgactionfigure & co. tomorrow, all going well. And then Gaelcon.

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Edit: coffee_lifeform objects to the above, believing that she is being lumped into the '& co'. She argues, correctly, that as one of my oldest friends (and someone who knows where the bodies are buried), she deserves better. In response, I'd like to point out that while I did not specify a time, it is generally to be understood that 9pm (the time of her arrival in Dublin) is technically in the evening, therefore during Fibbers time, and therefore part of 'and then Gaelcon', and any meeting with Malc & co therefore is not intended to reference her in any way and hence there is nothing for her to object to.

And now I see she's gone offline and won't see this until it's too late. Buggeration.

I should sleep.