September 24th, 2004


(no subject)

The survivors of the Thursday group had a short what-are-we-playing-next meeting last night, and we seem to be going for a Swashbuckling Nobilis game. Something about the Carribean-in-the-17th-century being a big giant flower rite, with Excrucian pirates raiding the ports of reality, and the PCs being the Imperial Navy and having to intercept the scoundrels from beyond Creation.

jeregenest, am I hallucinating or did you have a sea-faring Nobilis game at some point?

In other news, work stuff mostly sorted.

Crazy King of the Hill on Blood Gulch with vehicles even more fun than Crazy King of the Hill on Blood Gulch with 'hogs. Must get X-box live. Must get Halo. Must finish work stuff to get money to buy these things.