August 29th, 2004


In an Interstella burst...

I'm back to save the universe. Or something.

Gracious hosts: coffee_lifeform, jonnynexus, yojimbo_uk and the Mongoose Happy Alpha Complex Residential Zone.

Cities visited: Edinburgh, London, Oslo. Swindon's not a city.

Books acquired: Millions, including Quint Druid II, Quint Paladin II, OGL Steampunk, Paranoia XP, the whole Conan line, two Lucifer TPBs, a mysterious Mongoose novel, a bio of Count Cagliostro, Seven Wonders of the Industrial World, the Sirens of Titan, Iron Council, The Air Loom Gang, collected Conan stories book I, and something by Steven Brust about Heaven.

Stuffed animals acquired: One mongoose.

New bags purchased to carry all the above: One.

Back pains: Many.

Credit card: in pain.

Best Comedy Show: The Trap.

Best Non-Comedy Show: What's the Frequency Kenneth?

Average Daily Word Count: 3,000 words

It's Nice To Be: Home.