June 22nd, 2004


No Time But Good Gaming

I've had a string of good games recently, which has put me in a generally good mood despite deadline hell. Some might argue that being in so many campaigns is possibly why I'm so behind in work, but to them I say "you're right, but hey, there was the Pixies concert too."

Anyway, the campaigns...
Paranoia: I ran a quick playtest of one of the scenarios in the new rulebook, which went well. It got me in touch with the rules, which was what I needed, but was also a laugh at the end.

Vampire: The long-running Giovanni Chronicles game is almost over, and I'll be glad to see my character dead. He deserves to be put out of his misery.

A/State: The major plot of the campaign finally kicked off, shaking the players out of their comparative lethargy. Stuff is happening, and it rocks.

D&D: The long-running Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil game is also approaching its natural end. The last session was all planning and politics, but the characters have suceeded in getting their church to declare a crusade against the Temple. The session got the church vaults and treasury opened to the characters, but also opened a lot of old wounds and debates.

The RttToEE game should be finished in a month or so. After that, I'm planning on running Eberron - I just picked up the corebook today, and it rocks. As I said on rpg.net (and no-one replied praising my wit, the bastards), it's 'Indiana Jones meets New Crobuzon and mistakes it for Lankhmar.'

Now, back to panicked work.