February 17th, 2004


(no subject)

The amount of stuff I've promised to do seems to grow endlessly. Because of my Catholic Guilt Complex (tm), I can't forget any of it. The list includes questions (and answers) for that interview meme (although I find making up questions surprisingly hard), S&P articles, replies to emails, and other stuff. All that, however, has to come behind work stuff, to wit:
Writing Quint Paladin II
Outlining another book
Proposing a third book
Research (reading), research (watching DVDs) and research (playing computer games).

The last bit is fun, but it all sucks time. My attempt to make more time by, well, not sleeping is less than sucessful, because my brain currently feels like....like....


Anyway - I have forgotten nothing. However, do not be surprised, fifty years from now, there comes a knock at the door of your fallout shelter. You open it, and this radiation-scorched skeleton feebly extends a rusted cyberarm holding a note...and the note has five questions for that damn interview meme on it.

Admittedly, the questions would probably be:
1) Do you have any water?
2) Argh, the pain....why can't I die?
3) They promised me mutations! Where are my mutant powers?
4) If you got a mutant power, which one would it be?
5) Should water be this colour?