January 18th, 2004


(no subject)

Charging through Unknown Armies scenario for Gaelcon. UA always just writes itself for con games - it's sweet.

natural20 pointed out that a-state is out next month. That'll have to be slotted into my upcoming games schedule. I'm currently thinking of the following:
* TO GO in Feb-Mar
* Playtest of OGL Wild West in Apr
* A-State in May-Jun
* Exalted in July+, up until I get ready for a playtest of another Mongoose Secret Project.

This leaves no room for Eberron, annoyingly, or my own steampunk D&D game, or Horror. Boo.

Played another session of Brian's D&D game yesterday. Entangle+summon swarm=one third level druid taking out twenty-plus enemy troops. Nature is scary...