January 13th, 2004


(no subject)

Cthulhu for Warpcon is done. UA I'll polish off during the week.

Good writing day today - 6k+. If I can maintain that pace for a while, I'll be okish.

In other, far more important news, I went to buy a new bookcase (the floor of my room is awash in a sea of gaming books. If I give a sharp kick to my left, I strike Quint Druid II, the Book of Dragons (woo!), and a PHB, not to mention a thesaurus. I can knee OGL Horror and the Monster Manual in the spine, while Nobilis has wisely taken cover behind the printer), but Argos were out of bookcases entirely.

So I bought a chair. There's a scale of office chairs in the Argos catalogue, from peon to slightly comfy to rather nice to I Expect You To Die Mr Bond. My chair is one step below IEYTDMB, but is still perfectly suited for dreams of world domination. I can even swivel around when people come into the room. I so need a cat or something.

Still haven't updated nearlyemptyrooms.com. Still haven't gotten a life or anything useful like that. But I do have a shiny chair from which to plot these things.