Mytholder (mytholder) wrote,

Photoproject, week 3

This week's a bit disappointing in terms of pretty photos, but it was educational. When I frame a photo, I've always tried to make the image as coherent as possible, chopping out any distractions. To be honest, it probably stems from wanting to use photos as props in games - if I take a picture of a castle, then I try to chop out all the phone wires, telephone polls, anoraked tourists etc. However, I'm realising that it's not always the best approach, that I need to be more willing to include contrasts and incongruities.

What I wanted, when I set out, was a shot of the University College Cork quad from the bottom of the lower grounds. Basically, UCC has this gorgeous 150-year-old quad built atop a rock. It's very dramatic, especially at night when it's all lit up. I rapidly discovered that the best place to shoot from would probably be in the river, and I'm not about to make that sort of sacrifice for art yet. Trouble is, the lower grounds on the south side of the river are too close to the base of the rock.

Not great, and I was irritated by the students walking in the foreground. I want my timeless gothic pile, dammit. So, I tried zooming in.

That's just a mess.

Same thing's demonstrated here. Trying to cut the concrete bollard out results in a slightly too squashed perspective.

Er. These last two don't actually demonstrate any deep insights into my photographical instincts, but they're kinda ok.


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